Facebook Advertising for Solopreneurs: (A Masterclass by Azriel Ratz – Facebook Ads Expert)



Episode #13 - Azriel Ratz

If you ever wondered why and HOW to install a Facebook Pixel on your site and what you can do with it, THIS IS THE PERFECT episode for you.

This started as a regular interview but quickly turned into a full-on Masterclass in which I shared my screen, and Azriel took over my mouse and started spilling super practical tips: Starting from the basics as to HOW to install and use a Facebook Pixel on your wordpress site (and any other kind of site), and up to advanced features like custom events, FB Ad funnels, and building custom analytics dashboards for your ad funnels.

I’m mindblown 🤯🔥

Thank you so much Azriel for being so generous and sharing so much value.

I hope you all find this useful as I did!

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Other links from this episode:
Pixel Cat – WordPress plugin to easily install the FB Pixel on your site: https://fatcatapps.com/pixelcat/

Facebook Pixel Chrome Extension (to check for pixels and events on any webpage):

Enjoy this wonderful Masterclass and interview!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Azriel Ratz shares about his background with Facebook Ads. [00:01:14]
  • He shares how he gets into Facebook Ads and social media marketing. [00:02:26]
  • Azriel explained how he gets the speaking gig in social media marketing world. [00:04:48]
  • He give insights how to reach out people. Also gives suggestions how to use Facebook Ads to get people to your Facebook group. [00:12:15]
  • Azriel explained the difference between audiences and events in Facebook. He also gives some tips in how to use Facebook ads in your social media accounts. [00:25:51]

Yours Truly,

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