Connecting to Our Curiosity (w/ David Kadavy — Best selling author)



Episode #4 - David Kadavy

David Kadavy, author, creative entrepreneur & host of the Love Your Work podcast on creative productivity, self-publishing, and email marketing automation.

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • David shares about his background in arts and web designing, he also shares about writing his book “Design for Hackers”. How he start on blogging and his experience in teaching others along the way and his struggles in writing. [00:02:10]
  • David shares about rethinking how you understand about books. How he engaged on doing self-publishing. Gives encouragement to give a try into the process of writing a book. How Amazon/Kindle helps you start doing some self-publishing and learning what works and doesn’t works on this field. [00:05:24]
  • He shares his insights about rethinking about books and what you know about the requirements in publishing books. The difference between before and now about publishing your book and how he managed to receive compliment about his book “The Heart to Start”. [00:09:22]
  • David shares about starting a blog post and about comparing your blogs to other successful blogs. He also talks about his experienced in his first blog post. How “medium” is the best place to start creating a blog. He also shares about his insights about self-perception in counting your words for writing and some tiny habits in writing. [00:12:25]
  • He emphasized how habits in spending time in writing is important. He shares his experience in writing and his beliefs in writing that is worth to read. [00:18:20]
  • David talks about his current business structure in writing and his podcast, how sponsorship help his podcast, how he launched courses in video version to help others, how he engaged himself to affiliate marketing and passive income stream, working with freelancing, reviewing applications and email marketing. [00:21:32]
  • He shares his main metric in how well he is connecting to his curiosity. Filling up his day on doing things he loves to do and doing things to help other people. [00:28:10]
  • David explained the importance of setting priorities that are the ones important to you and deciding how to spend time to the things that will put you on top. [00:29:57]
  • He also shares about the principle of sacrificing and the art of staying in. Cutting those things that unnecessary to your life. [00:34:22]
  • David shares and recommend about the person who gave a big impact on his self-publishing business. [00:37:56]
  • David shares advice and tips for creative people who wants to start out with their business.He also recommends one podcast to listen and tools his using in his email marketing and selling his books. [00:39:38]
  • Lastly, David shares his information where we can connect with him.

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