Blake Houston – Committing to your Health and Wellness



Episode #66: Blake Houston – Committing to your Health and Wellness

In this episode I talk to Blake Houston – a holistic fitness and wellness personal trainer and an inspiring human being. Blake is a practitioner of a lot of the biohacks most of us just read about and so I wanted to pick his brain about these kind of stuff and mostly about his MINDSET!

In the episode we talked about mental toughness, the benefits of different kinds of workouts and nutritional intakes that aid a healthy lifestyle.

Yes we also talked about cold showers and he also gave the recipe of his bulletproof coffee.

So before we begin – just remember what they say –  a healthy person has many dreams and wishes – especially us high achievers – but… when health is taken away – a person only has one wish – and that’s to be healthy.

So… I invite you to repeat the following with me “I commit to my Health!” OK let’s begin.

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • How did he start coaching? (0:03:10)
  • Why did he choose to stay in LA? (0:04:30)
  • What his weekly routine is like. (0:06:08)
  • What are the different forms of workouts that he used as a trainer? (0:12:30)
  • The benefits of lifting heavy and tips on using kettlebells. (0:20:45)
  • His nutritional diet and sleep cycle. (0:24:50)
  • Mental toughness on how he handles cold showers. (0:49:26)
  • Books for a healthy body and strong mind. (1:07:40)
  • His very own recipe of bulletproof coffee. (1:05:35)

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