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Sagi Shrieber on The Commit First Podcast Presents:

A Message You Need To Hear (w/ Terrance X Johnson)


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Episode 95 – A Message You Need To Hear (w/ Terrance X Johnson)

Hey guys! 

Have you ever stopped for a second and thought about looking back at your life as far as 10 years ago? Have you tried comparing your current self to your past self to see if you’ve grown since then?

Maybe you’re faced with so much adversity and overwhelming struggles at the moment, and it’s made it difficult for you appreciate how far you’ve come now. Sometimes it gets a little too disorienting when all these problems are coming at you from everywhere, but when we regain our footing in the middle of all the challenges life throws at us, we’ve got to realize how much we’ve grown. Every hurdle we’ve already overcome has taught us a valuable lesson. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be where we are now if we hadn’t learned them then.

A lot of times, solving the problems which hinder our growth has to be done by looking inwards. Fear has been the precursor to danger for the longest, but the most important thing to note about fear is that it’s not real. Although danger may be very real, sometimes fear shows up in situations that danger never would, and that’s what stops us from achieving things that could have otherwise been the next level to our journey for growth.

“To fear something that hasn’t even happened is insanity.”

When you fear something unfortunate that hasn’t even taken place, you’re submitting to the negative effects of a non-existent outcome. 

For this episode, I invited former Disney Executive Terrance X Johnson to share a very important message about growth. We’ll also be discussing different growth-hindering struggles that emerged in our entrepreneurial journeys, and the values and mindsets we learned to overcome them with. Terrance explains that we are able to overcome fear if we learn to embrace reality and live in the now. If we learn to focus more on what’s going on rather than what MIGHT or might never even) happen, we can avoid feeling the adverse consequences of an outcome that’s real only in our heads.

Alongside this in-depth talk about growth and fears are many other valuable golden nuggets to pick up, such as how humility can teach one to showcase their value through service, having the right view towards the challenges of entrepreneurship, and the hidden power of having a positive frequency. He’ll also talk about how writing what you want down is a helpful way to practice manifestation. At some point, you’ll find habits that help you grow, and eventually be able to “become your own book.”

After achieving the epic opportunity of being a Disney executive, Terrance X Johnson finally decided to start walking down his own path as an entrepreneur and CEO. Now a mentor and the founder of TCJ AeroTech, the first African-American drone technology company based in the US, Mr. J aims to help various people, businesses and endeavors prosper by applying the use of drones to our every day lives. The company strives hard to ideally provide the world with various innovations around drone technology in fields such as personal and commercial transpo, aerial surveillance, construction, and many more.

This episode covers so much helpful advice from Terrance, and I hope that you enjoy and add these golden nuggets to your own arsenal for success.

Topics discussed on the show:

Terrance’s Take on Humility
How to View The Struggles of Entrepreneurship
Adversities Terrance Faced
Frequency and Intuition
Maintaining a Positive Frequency
The Delay
Letting Go of Fear, Embracing Reality
How to Let Go of Fear
Where does fear come from?
Affirm What You Believe
“I Am a Billionaire”
The Apple Seed
Natural Law
Life is Too Short…
Stories and Experiences
Know What You Want
Jim Carrey and The Check
Technology is Advancing, but…
To Be Knowledgeable
Write Things Down
Living Life Without Limits
Habits Around Growth
Become Your Own Book
Levels of Frequencies
Work Less, Attract More
The Value of Service
Giving Time Not Money
Life is Worth Living
Do Not Lose Hope
Wrapping Up

You can find Terrance at:

Instagram: @thetxjohnson
His Website:

Links Mentioned:
Levels of Energy – Frederick Dodson: Dodson/dp/1450569323#:~:text=Table%20of%20Contents0%20Your%20Relationship,each%20level%20corresponds%20with%20specific

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