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Sagi Shrieber on The Commit First Podcast Presents:

Setting Yourself Up for Success (w/ Dean Kelly)


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Episode 89 – Setting Yourself Up for Success (w/ Dean Kelly)

Hey everyone!

On this episode, I invited serial entrepreneur Dean Kelly to help us break down the exact process of how we can successfully jumpstart our business and talk about his own personal journey as he built the foundations of his own career from the ground up. As an aspiring young entrepreneur, Dean already had a vision of his own goals, and knew exactly what he wanted to achieve early on in his life.

Coming from an average family without wealthy roots, Dean is faced with hardships. With his friends going to prison and his life seemingly passing him by at the age of 21, he decided to write down 10 things to ultimately achieve. Not even a decade later, he had achieved 9 of those 10 goals, and by the age of 40, he was able to finally fulfill the last one; meeting Prime Minister David Cameron. 

Now the holder of the fastest zero to exit sale offered by a recruitment company in the UK, Dean exited for an 8 figure sum at the age of 30, only nearly 3 years after starting! Still an active businessman, Dean is the founderof RealiseEd, which is an education agency that focuses on seeking out the best schools for their applicants, maximizing the best opportunities for their career in education. 

Dean is also the original NED advisor and investor of SourceBreaker, which is the 48th fastest growing tech company in Europe (FT 2019.) Tune in as we delve further into the various steps he took in order to set himself up for success and build the life he dreamed for himself. 

Topics discussed on the show:

Dean’s Story
Having a Vision
What it takes to be a CEO
How to upscale your business
Taking away pains and giving gains
Finding your “Why”
Knowing your milestones
Work Smart
Must Do’s for starting businesses
Mapping your SOP
Hire early
Make Yoursrlf Uncomfortable
Don’t think, just do

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