Commit First w/ Sagi Shrieber (Feat. Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Jason Zook, Paul Jarvis, and more) Episode 118: Start Achieving Your Goals the Ninja Warrior Way (w/ Philipp Anufriev)



Do you want to know how a ninja reaches his goal? Let’s hear it from one!
For this week’s episode, I am grateful to have Philipp Anufriev with us on the Commit First Podcast. He is the founder of Graphics Federation, host of the 3-2-1 Podcast, mentor of Wellness & Lifestyle, an Israeli Ninja Warrior and father of two. 

In this episode Philipp explains why building a powerful routine will help us become less stressed, fulfilled and more productive.


[2:44-2:59] Philipp Anufriev:
“I think there are people who need to first understand what they’re supposed to do, and then they’re supposed to kind of execute it.
I’m kind of working my way around it. I’m reverse engineering it. So basically what I do, I just try first and then I understand what I’m supposed to do. And the second goal will be easier and the third will be easier. So I’m kind of just trying to dare every time.”

Types of Obstacles
[15:41- 16:00] Philipp Anufriev: This is why people who are intelligent enough, they’re doing good in, in ninja warrior, because this is so that there’s like a variety of obstacles that you have. And some of them are straight. Some of them are jumping. Some of them coordination, some of them just balance. Some of they are super stamina
[16:00- 16:20]  Philipp Anufriev: So once you’re trying to pass all that, like let’s say qualification, usually like the easiest thing to pass, because you would have some balance and then few obstacles and then one like hard, let’s say that usually when I’m doing it, I’m like, why are people falling here?  and that’s, that’s the scary part
[16:20- 16:28]  Philipp Anufriev:  Because you see people fall, like why are they falling? It’s probably hard. And then like, as you pass it, like, no. it was so easy, like, why?

[22:05- 22:14]  Sagi :
“I think in terms of health standards, I think people have lesser standards, like for their own health, which goes together with mental health, personal development. You need to work on your habits.  And I know you’re big on micro habit, so we can talk about that. And you also need to have the right kind of mindset, right?”

[34:26-34:57,35:32-36:08,36:17-36:44]  Philipp Anufriev:
So I’m usually doing the first part of it is, is like gratitude. Yeah. And I’m just, I’m, I’m grateful for that and that, and that. And trying to scrap from at least three or five things up to sometimes when I feel either super generous or super shitty, I don’t know. I can go up to like 20 something and I like, and then it’s something that I trying to feel the vibration if I’m okay.
And so you get, so you get an indication and you know, you need to like balance yourself when you’re doing the journaling stuff. Cuz you need to like highlight your gratitude right now, cuz you’re not in a good place.

So you need to like calibrate your vibrations just a little bit and started from there. Then I’m usually doing like stuff that I.  like, that will happen to me. It can be just like a to-do list. Mm-hmm  it can be a celebration of life. Mm-hmm  like, I don’t know. I got a new kite, like, ah, even if it’s like not a good win, like maybe I will that or travel somewhere on, find something or something exciting.
And then you’re doing like, and then I’m doing an affirmation, something for myself that I’m, I don’t know, embracing myself I’m blessed for, or I don’t know, blessed with opportunities that I’m taking advantage of. And so on, something like that. That’s usually my flow. Then once I’m done, I obviously meditation, um, for me, meditation is just eating, sitting still mm-hmm  or, and just checking.

[49:13-49:49] Philipp Anufriev:
So when you see, since you see the obstacles, I just, um, run them in my head and what I do, I have a notebook and I just draw myself. Like I’m literally drawing the obstacles like comics. And I draw myself by the end of it, not on the obstacle but by the end of it, succeeding it. Sometimes with my hands up sometimes, just running if those need more, those need to be passed faster. And this is something that I’m working on in my visualization

[54:09-54:41] Philipp Anufriev:
You don’t accept it. Like you don’t accept it, no matter what. It takes time to pass through it, but you don’t, you like, you felt you like accept it. It’s a good thing, coz then, then you, you are motivated to kick ass the next day. When in between, after the third season I took like, uh, a month of recovery and after the fourth season, like I was in the gym next Saturday.


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