Commit First w/ Sagi Shrieber (Feat. Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Jason Zook, Paul Jarvis, and more) Episode 114: Maximizing Spirituality, Parenting, and PRODUCTIVITY! (w/ Tevi Hirschhorn)



Sagi Shrieber on The Commit First Podcast Presents:

Maximizing Spirituality, Parenting, and PRODUCTIVITY! (w/ Tevi Hirschhorn)


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Episode 114 – Maximizing Spirituality, Parenting, and PRODUCTIVITY! (w/ Tevi Hirschhorn)

I had a blast talking to author, product leader, and father Tevi Hirschhorn (@tevihbooks) on this episode. We talked about a lot of diverse topics throughout the interview, and it had a little bit of everything. From what prayer truly means and teaching kids how they can develop a growth mindset, to how people can balance their hyper-efficiency to avoid being unproductive as an end result.

Tevi Hirschhorn is a father of 5 and product leader of AppSumo, working hard to help CEO’s turn their vision into a crystal-clear goal for their company. Tevi helps bring value to the world by carving a path towards success for many brands and companies. Tevi is also an author, inspiring and teaching very young entrepreneurs with his children’s books. 

Tune in as Tevi and I share loads of useful and inspiring life lessons for dads, entrepreneurs, and all of you WINNERS out there! Hope you enjoy! 

Topics discussed on the show:

Working From Home
Raising Kids into The Growth Mindset
Letting Your Kids Explore
How Your Kids Handle Money
Tevi’s Therapy and CBT Buddy Project
Handling Priorities and Giving Time
Preparing for Setbacks and Bouncing Back
Learning to Slow Down
Focusing on Impacts and Outcomes
The Structure of Meditation and Prayer
Tevi’s Daily Prayers
Being in-tune with your Spiritual Journey
Mindfulness and Gratitude
Beyond the Material Things
Handling Chores Along With Work
Clean Home, Clear Mind
Working on Your Kid’s Curiosity
Balancing Screen Time
Never Split The Difference!
Final Recommendations
Control Your Own Space
Wrapping Up

Where to find Tevi

Tevi’s Twitter: @TeviH
Tevi’s Website:
Tevi’s Instagram: @tevihbooks

Links Mentioned

Noah Kagan – AppSumo:

Investing Simulator:

Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham:

Zen Habits by Leo Balbauta:

Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss:

Red Notice by Bill Browder:

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