Can you get CANCER from listening to PODCASTS? – The Dangers of EMF Radiation (w/ R Blank)



Can you get CANCER from listening to PODCASTS? - The Dangers of EMF Radiation (w/ R Blank)

On this week’s episode I got to talk to professor, training director, and CEO of Shield Your Body R Blank . He specializes in the field of EMF Protection, and on this video he shared a lot about how modern technology affects us on an Electromagnetic level, as well as how we can keep our exposure towards it safe.

Whether you’re an avid listener of podcasts, someone who mainly does their work on the computer, or even a father of kids who just love to play video games on their mobile phones, you might want to listen to this.

People often talk about how too much screen time can be bad for your health and your eyes, but EMF protection takes our tech safety on a whole new level. There’s more to the risks of technology than just TV screens and blue light, unseen without the right tools to detect it. This video could help you out, especially those who LOVE to spend most of their time on tech!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Introduction
  • Discovering EMF
  • Martin Blank
  • What is EMF?
  • How harmful is the EMF?
  • The Bio Initiative Report
  • various Studies on EMF
  • The Diseases of Civilization
  • What 2,000 Hours Could Do
  • Why R Avoids AirPods
  • Health Effects of Going Wireless
  • No Router = More Sleep?
  • EMF Reader Recommendations
  • How The Body Conducts EMF
  • Grounding With Nature
  • Walking Barefoot
  • EMF in The Work Environment
  • Going WIRED
  • Building Biology
  • Two Tips to DE-EMF
  • Types of EMF Protection
  • Keeping your kids safe
  • De-Energizing Rooms
  • Different Frequencies
  • Wrapping Up

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