Building Tribes & Overcoming Obstacles to Become a Better You (w/ Mark Bowness – Business Coach & Founder of Million Dollar You)



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Episode #12 – Mark Bowness

This episode is about building communities online, and overcoming obstacles to become a better you.

Most of you have heard of Calvin Wayman who was my first coach who I hired when I was in debt and on the verge of going bankrupt. But what you might not know is that I actually have 4 coaches/mentors at the moment. Each one in charge of a different aspect of my business.
Our guest today is my coach for building THIS tribe of Mindful & Ruthless, and for building and launching my own coaching program for creative entrepreneurs.

He is a coach and community master, and he’s on a mission to influence a BILLION lives.?

And he has ONE HELL of a story. A story of a situation I would not wish for anyone to have to go through. A situation that made him try to take his own life. And ofcourse the happy ending of a huge realization and taking action that came after.
In this episode we talk about hard times, how to think and act to overcome any obstacle,
and in general how to think and act in order to be the person we want to be in this world.

We also discuss building audience and influence, and our guest did indeed fire away some super practical tactics for starting a tribe of your own and growing it, specifically on Facebook groups as a community platform.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Ladies and gents, it’s my pleasure to present to you my coach and mentor… Mark Bowness.

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Mark Bowness talks about his life story, his childhood background. Talks about how environment controls you in your life’s path. Shares about his struggles in life before. [00:02:28]
  • Mark shares his breakdown that leads to his revelation of his purpose in life. Talks about how he gets inspiration from hitting rock bottom. [00:07:09]
  • Talks about how he learned to be what he is. The importance of helping others. Shares the story about renting a Fiji island and his experience about it. [00:09:32]
  • Mark talks about the importance of inspiring your audience. [00:15:47]
  • Mark talks about Google. Breaking your limiting beliefs. The significance of changing your own future and other people. Talks about failures and ideas. [00:19:33]
  • Mark give suggestions to people that stuck because they are afraid of failures and to lose of money and afraid to take a risk. [00:25:21]
  • Talks about risk and the secret of building a tribe. [00:30:57]
  • Having an attitude of “I am just me vs. I am me.” Talks about mindset and being consistent. [00:35:38]
  • Talks about how to build a tribe. Knowing the purpose of the tribe. Talks about passion as your million dollar business. [00:38:11]
  • Mark shares tips to people who wants to make Facebook group using Facebook algorithm and how to take advantage with Facebook algorithm. [00:41:38]
  • Talks about retargeting people. [00:51:10]
  • Talks about Facebook ads. [00:53:12]
  • Mark’s recommendations. [00:57:35]

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