Building Communities with Love (w/ Jadah Sellner — Author, Coach & Entrepreneur)



Episode #17 - Jadah Sellner

Jadah Sellner is a published author, entrepreneur, mother, wife, keynote speaker, & business mentor.

She was the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies (Yes! You might have heard of this super successful company through Pat Flynn’s podcast, Oprah’s O Magazine, The Doctors TV show, or the Wall Street Journal).

That is… until she ultimately chose to sell her shares in the company and start working on her personal brand full time.

Since then she’s been helping visionary entrepreneurs and companies grow online communities with love.

This episode we talked about building communities in a meaningful personal manner, about the numbers VS engagement issue we all struggle with, about growth hacks for personal brands (spoiler – challenges), about using your personal name VS a company/brand name, and so much more.

To me – she is an amazing and inspiring human being and it was a total honor for me to have her on the show!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Jadah Sellner talks about the community of women (businesswoman, entrepreneur, founders) that she currently leading, also she talks about vision, plans and actions. The target people in the community and the online challenges.
  • How to accelerate the growth of social media accounts. Talks about having a message that resonate and connect to people, and also adding a value. Talks about consuming, creating and connecting as an accelerated growth hacking perspectives and also “OPT” (other people’s tribe) as another growth hack.
  • Who will scale the works in your social media accounts. Talks about giving tips and sharing your personal behind the scenes in Instagram.
  • Jadah talks about having a story that will resonate to people.
  • Leading and building a community with love. Talks about online challenges.
  • What excite her right now.
  • She also talks about offline events.
  • Things they do that other community is not doing.
  • How to get more podcast, sharing stories and messages, getting opportunities to speak to events, building relationship to people,
  • Personal branding. Personal name or other name?
  • Jadah shares some of her recommendations.
  • Where to find Jadah.

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