Building a Community & Live Events (w/ Fabio Palvelli — Designer and Youtuber)



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Episode #3 – Fabio Palvelli

Fabio Palvelli is a Consultant, trainer, speaker & CG artist/designer. He’s also the co-founder of the d2Conference in Vienna – the most popular yearly conference in his space.

Fabio is also a Youtuber that makes awesome videos! So you should definitely check out his Vlog:

We talked about community building, event organization and Fabio’s insights from running this event year after year, Youtube tips and gear, and more!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Learn about Fabio’s background: his early interest in arts, his education and military service, being a sport person, travelling country to country, working as a cook for Gordon Ramsay, studied architecture and meet her wife, making 3D software, teaching 3D software to people through workshops and bringing “big names” people in conferences. [00:01:45]
  • Fabio shares about bringing your community together in an event and understanding the cause of an event. He also shares tips and what to consider in organizing an event. [00:06:17]
  • Learn about promoting your event through your Facebook community. Fabio talks about his experience in sponsorship with his events. [00:09:08]
  • Fabio share his insights and tips on creating live events with small community. How content and hype helps your event to be successful. [00:10:49]
  • Fabio share the importance of curating all the talks for an event. Knowing the content and building a right narrative of the speakers for an event. [00:13:59]
  • Learn more on what to do next after the event and how to make content using a video around your event. [00:15:32]
  • Fabio shares his 3 tips on planning a successful event. He also shares his experience in the past events that he organized. [00:16:44]
  • Fabio shares the history of his Youtube channel, how to get massive audience and subscribers and his thoughts about the importance of sharing good value and the right content of a video. [00:20:51]
  • How Fabio learned and improved his storytelling skills. How to choose a right content and to set up everything in the best way for videos. [00:26:35]
  • Fabio shares his gears and tools: talks about the proper lighting for videos, the best camera to use, using iPhone as alternative for taking videos, the best video settings to use for uploading a video and the analytics application for videos. [00:28:53]
  • Fabio gives recommendations: podcast, application and books. [00:36:34]

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