Episode #69: Brian Buirge - Exploring Risks in Life

Exploring risks in life is not something that can easily be decided or done.

In today’s episode, I brought on Brian Buirge on the show – an entrepreneur and  the owner of Good Fucking Design Advice – one of my favorite brands ever.

We talked about the journey behind GFDA and how he managed some difficult times that he had to face in his business.

We also talked about exploring the reason why taking risks is actually a good thing. 

So if you’re an entrepreneur, and are facing challenging times, or want to learn about how to come out on top when challenges arise – you’d really want to listen to this episode.

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Links & Resources from the show

Where to find Brian:


Visit the website – GFDA.co

Follow Good Fucking Design (@gooddsgnadvice) on IG

Books mentioned:

Links mentioned: 

Key Points from the Podcast

  • Brian’s business story
  • Brian’s new workshop – The art of Risking.
  • Managing difficult times.
  • Self publishing, and how Brian managed to publish the book “Do the Fucking Work”
  • Why not self publishing?
  • Exploring risks
  • Why is risk taking good?

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