Becoming Your Future Self! (w/ Jay Chase)



Becoming Your Future self! (w/ Jay Chase)

On this episode, I had an amazing interview with podcaster and speaker Jay Chase where we talked about how you can connect with your future self, as well as your higher power! We could find it pretty easy to reflect on who we are now and remember who we used to be, but not a lot of us can easily picture the version of ourselves 10 years later.

Some people are able to, but what about those who don’t even know where to start?

Jay knows exactly how you can get started, and this video has WAY TOO MANY valuable lessons to list down. From building a better relationship with your future self to further deepening your spirituality (regardless of religion,) he had so much to share, helping you find out how you should be as an entrepreneur, and WHO you CAN be as the CEO of your own life!

Jay Chase is a speaker, entrepreneur, and podcaster who hosts his own show called “Don’t Touch My Mindset,” where he aims to help people find harmony between the heart and the mind, leading them to live their lives to the fullest through mindset and willpower.

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Where to find Jay:

Key Points from the Podcast

  • Introduction
  • Jay’s Framework
  • Michelangelo’s Statue
  • The word “Character”
  • Being the BOSS of your life
  • Knowing Your Personal Power
  • Visual Meditation
  • The 20-Second Phone Call
  • Talking to Your Future Self
  • Prayers From The Heart
  • What Makes a Good Prayer?
  • Various Kinds of Spirituality
  • Jay’s Journey
  • Be in The Now
  • Finding what YOU want to do
  • Succeeding in Business With Kids
  • Understanding What The World Needs
  • Becoming The Change You Want To See
  • Your Partner In Business
  • Exploring Spirituality
  • Just Relax
  • “I control time.”
  • Connecting To Your Future Self
  • Just Ask
  • No Right or Wrong Way to Pray
  • Gratitude
  • An Hour of Journaling
  • Willpower & Sleep
  • A Firm Believer of Naps
  • Jay’s Non-Negotiables
  • Kill The Bear
  • Give The Solution, Make The Offer
  • Self Defeat for Growth
  • How to Cultivate Self-Love
  • Dark Frequency Journaling
  • Wrapping Up

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