Become Physically and Mentally Fit, before you hit 40! (w/ Dr. Anthony Balduzzi)



Become Physically and Mentally Fit, before you hit 40! (w/ Dr. Anthony Balduzzi)

“Our lives are constantly throwing different variables at us, and we have to learn the art of fluxing with it.”

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On this episode, I brought Dr. Anthony Balduzzi into the show to talk about the many ways to maintain a healthy entrepreneurial lifestyle and how to achieve peak fitness before hitting your 40s – 50s. Today’s talk covers LOADS of health advice, and also debunks a lot of popular health “myths” that most of you might still even believe in! Check this episode out to find out what they are…

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is a health and weight loss expert, and the founder of the Fit Father (and Fit Mother) project. He leads various fitness programs for busy men and women around their 40s, holding dual degrees in health and neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania (doctorate of neuropathic medicine.) A former national champion bodybuilder, Anthony and his programs have proudly helped over 40,000 families lose weight in over 100 countries.

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Introduction
  • Anthony’s Story
  • The Right Mindset
  • Make Health a Priority
  • Balanced Exercise and Diet
  • A Mindset Trap
  • The Calendar
  • The Hierarchy of Importance
  • Developing Sleeping Habits
  • Moderating Light Exposure
  • Get Up In The Morning
  • Creating The Space
  • The Nervous System Branches
  • Meal Timing Schedule Setup
  • The Anchor Ritual
  • Breaks are Important
  • Consistency and Variety
  • Fasting Before Sleep
  • Maintaining Daily Movement
  • Wrapping Up

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