Are You Mentally Tough? – Developing Mental Toughness Through Physical Fitness (w/ Jackson Yee)



Are You Mentally Tough? - Developing Mental Toughness Through Physical Fitness (w/ Jackson Yee)

“On the other side of that pain, is immense joy and meaning.” – Jackson Yee

On this episode, I sat down with author and fitness trainer Jackson Yee to talk about Mental Toughness and how becoming mentally tough can come hand-in-hand with physical fitness.

No one likes pain, and a lot of people avoid anything that would cause them to experience even the slightest bit of suffering. If you feel like all of the suffering you’ve gone through was just an unfortunate series of events, this talk could help open your eyes a bit and even change the way you understand pain. Stay tuned!

Formerly a teacher, Jackson Yee is now an author and fitness trainer with 30 years of experience. He helps aspiring health buffs build more than just physical fitness and strength, but also improve their minds to build mental toughness. Jackson believes that the very act of suffering can lead to great achievements and rewards, so long as we are resilient.

Enjoy the episode everyone!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Introduction
  • Jackson’s Story
  • The Driving Question
  • Why Mental Toughness Matters
  • Burning Through Tough Moments
  • How You Can Start
  • What True Fulfillment Is
  • Mental Strategies
  • Painful Challenges and Resilience
  • Having an Undefeated Mind
  • Practice The Uncomfy Things
  • Warrior Mentality
  • Changing The Meaning of Pain
  • having a Growth Mindset
  • Focus on The Small Things
  • Avoidance: The Biggest Problem
  • Breaking The habit of Avoidance
  • Cultivating Resilience
  • Never Give Up
  • Killing Fear
  • 3 Tips From Jackson’s Book
  • Wrapping Up

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