What's Your Origin Story?

#37 WHAT’s YOUR ORIGIN STORY with Sagi Shrieber

What is your origin story?
As I’m studying more about storytelling from Russell Brunson and other sources, I feel that I’m getting clearer about my own story, and I know it’s going to help me share my message with the world. So therefore, I know it’s gonna help you as well.
So I wanted to share this with you, I think it’s super important.
So.. What’s an Origin Story?
Well, an origin story is basically your story!
It’s what got you geeking out in the first place about whatever it is that you’re doing in your career.
Grab a pen and paper for this one!

Creating & Selling Online Courses Around Your Skills (w/ Greg Rog, Founder of LearnUX.io)

My guest this week is Greg Rog, a Polish designer & entrepreneur that managed to create an online empire out of his skills. Greg started out with creating a local polish design blog, and one day started selling online courses on his site. He then reached out to other creatives to create online courses on his site and started promoting and selling those as well. Eventually this turned his blog into the main Polish hub for online courses for creatives. Later on Greg moved on to developing a hub for UI/UX design courses, in English, for the international audience.

The Personal Brand Authority Quartet – How To Build Success & Authority In Your Market

How to build your success & authority in your market

In music, a quartet is an ensemble of four singers or instrumental performers, or a musical composition for four voices or instruments. “If you make sure to play the Personal Brand Authority Quartet symphony, the echo would be the beautiful sounds of opportunities hitting you from all directions in the theater of your career.” In order to be a great personal brand and to build authority in your market – you have to have 4 things in place.