The Secrets to True Happiness

A practical workshop for life, by Michal Yanai & Sagi Shrieber

Unless you’re superhuman- the recent year, and the current situation probably caused you some worry, pressure and overwhelm.
For some, this came in the form of mental stress, and for some – this became a true crisis of mental and physical health.
Working from home, social distancing, and the never-ending worry of finances keep us under the water and gasping for air.
But it doesn’t have to be that way! 
What if you could imagine a world where you won’t have to feel stressed all the time? 
What if you discovered tools to help you become a guarded fortress to all that negativity out there? 
What if – with this entire situation – you could actually find & achieve GREATNESS in your life on a daily basis?
We welcome you to join us in order to learn the secrets to true happiness – and get equipped with practical tools you can put to work on a daily basis to make you 1% happier and more fulfilled every day – and enjoy that compound effect in the long term. 
Michal Yanai

Part 1: Mindfulness by Michal Yanai

Only four years ago, after almost four decades on stage as one of Israel's top stars, Michal experienced a pretty stressful life, anxiety attacks, and the thought that "there is probably nothing to do about it, and this is life...". But then - a new world was revealed to Michal Yanai - mindfulness.

Come and meet Michal Yanai for a lecture on happiness, mindfulness, and the connection between them.

In the talk, Michal will share studies that show that one can train the mind to be happier and more productive, learn to manage stress, develop focus, better interpersonal relationships, and start living better lives It's time to learn the tools for relaxation and the development of resilience!

The lecture is 45 minutes long and includes two mindfulness exercises and time for questions at the end.

Sagi Shrieber

Part 2: Strategies for Happiness by Sagi Shrieber

Four years ago Sagi started his first business after quitting the corporate world with a pretty great career in UI/UX Design.

In developing his business - Sagi experienced some major setbacks and hired top world coaches - investing over $300K in the past years to learn how to cope and manage not only his business - but the spiritual journey of life!

In this talk Sagi will share some of those experiences with you. The lecture is 45 minutes long and includes two exercises and bonus worksheets