2 Time Management Hacks That Will Change Your Life & Skyrocket You Towards Your Goals

If you feel that the way you’re handling your time right now isn’t doing you any good, don’t worry! During mentorship calls, a lot of my students ask me how I personally manage my own time, so I decided to share two very important time management tips that have really, really helped me get through a lot of my time hurdles. These tips could also help you turn things around and hopefully improve how you handle your schedule, as well as your list of priorities.

How to earn faster with Alternative Investments (w/ Chris Odegard)

For today’s episode, I invited prolific investor and blogger Chris Odegard to talk about how jumping ship from conventional investments to alternative investments could massively impact your success. If you’re tired of being part of the herd and using conventional means only to earn a little, Chris is here to open new doors.