Dealing with Fear and Stress as Entrepreneurs

Experienced failure? Feeling like you just can’t get a fucking break? Feeling fear and stress? In this short solo-cast I share a recent period where I had those feelings big-time, and what got me out of it. I go into the topics of mindset when experiencing failure, setbacks, and challenges, and recommend some tactics and one GREAT book that helped me through that period.

Networking Tips that will Boost Your Business (w/ Travis Chappell, Founder of the Build Your Network Podcast)

Networking Tips that will Boost Your Business (w/ Travis Chappel, Founder of the Build Your Network Podcast)

My guest today is a master networker named Travis Chappell.
Travis helps others learn how to network the right way by interviewing top performing entrepreneurs on how they do it themselves.
He has interviewed entrepreneur celebrities like Grant & Elena Cardone, John Lee Dumas, Brad Lea, Tim Storey, Ed Mylett and more.
In this episode, we talked about some important core principles of networking.

How to Dominate Your Niche (w/ Cassidy Tuttle, Founder of Succulents and Sunshine)

What Differs Olympic Champions from Others (w/ High Achievement Expert Allon Khakshouri)

From the outside, Cassidy would seem like an ordinary person: She’s a wife, a mother of two sweet kids, she goes to church, has hobbies such as photography, and growing plants. Well, what people can’t see is that Cassidy is one hell of a top-notch, massively successful CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR! When her kids are in schools, she is at her home studio shooting videos, managing an entire outsource team, writing super extensive and well researched articles, and creating funnels for her online courses. She is also a badass at analytics, and has systems in place tracking EVERYTHING she puts out there.