The 5 Life-Changing Truths

All of our actions revolve around emotions that drive us to move through life. It’s not uncommon for us to seek happiness and fulfillment. We all want to charge ourselves with positive energy!

Each and every one of us has different approaches in how we acquire those emotions. Some people find happiness through the act of giving and making others happy, while others feel fulfilled by leading a successful life that they have full control of.

But sometimes, we can get distracted. Life is full of many things and loads of different endeavors, so it’s understandable to get a little lost in the fun things and derail from what’s important. Sometimes we zone in too hard on the things that make us happy, and we end up forgetting the grounds and truths that keep our feet planted to the ground.

So… What are these truths, anyway? What are the things we need to keep in mind no matter what comes and goes in our lives? Here are 10 of them:

1.  Invest in Yourself Oftentimes, you probably invest a lot of time and money on things and people that you love. But never forget to invest in yourself! Self-investment isn’t an act of selfishness at all, it’s an act of self-love.

Taking the time and effort (and sometimes money) to improve yourself builds a better foundation for your success. The more you focus on self-investment, the more you can discover about yourself. The better you know yourself, the better your decisions in life will become.

And with better decisions, you can build a better life. It’s always important to start with yourself!

2. Worrying Can Mentally Drain You – Worrying about something is a natural reaction when the possibility of something you fear is present. But the thing about worries is that they’re all just possibilities, not facts. Worries aren’t real, and it’s all just in your head.

Although there are very valid reasons to get worried, it’s important to assess yourself and check if whatever it is you’re worrying about is within your control. If it’s NOT in your control, then there’s no point in worrying over it! You’re just wasting mental energy, and worrying is often said to be a form of negative goal setting. Let go.

3. Slow Down When Life Gets Too Busy – At some point in life, you’ll start noticing that you’re getting busier. Work is piling up, business meetings grow more and more frequently. You run out of free time on your schedule, and every day gets compressed with nothing but work activities. When you start to drown in too many activities and busyness, you tend to lose yourself in all of it and focus less on yourself.

Unnoticed stress also builds up, and all the little problems join forces to weigh on you like a boulder. Before it all comes crumbling down, you have to free some time for yourself, and find peace. Take an hour- or even half of it- to just wind down and meditate. It’s important to have space and time to breathe.

4. Time is More Than Just Money – Time isn’t just something we can take back once we lose it, so it’s very important for us to put it into things that can help us grow. These days, there are so many unproductive things that could distract us and take our attention away from important things in life. As long as you are aware of how important time is, you’ll be conscious enough to put it into endeavors that are worth your while.

5. Happiness Can Be a Choice – There’s a popular saying that talks about how people are always in pursuit of happiness as if it’s something we can’t readily access. The truth is that happiness shouldn’t be seen as a reward, it should be a byproduct of finding the one thing that makes you feel the most fulfillment. Happiness can be found in contentment, and in the little things in life.

There’s nothing wrong with saying that happiness can be found in that dream car or a booming business, but don’t forget to acknowledge that you can also find happiness in the small victories you achieve every day. Getting up early, eating good food, or even spending time with your loved ones like family and friends.

Life hides so many secrets, and there are many more truths out there for you to remember. As long as you keep searching for those truths and take them to heart, you’ll realize that it’s easier to let go of the things that used to hold you down! For more mindset fuel, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! (@sagishrieber)

Cheers to being the CEO of your life!

Yours Truly,

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