There’s a saying that 40% of us are made up of habits. That might very well be true! People are very habitual creatures, and most of what we do every day is part of some kind of repetitive routine. Although there’s nothing wrong with doing things repetitively, there are things that shouldn’t be routinely done.

Bad habits are normal, and definitely do NOT define a person’s character. However, there are certain types of bad habits that could put us or others around us in danger. Some habits could also be the main cause of negative thoughts or emotions clouding our minds. So, what are these bad habits? And do you think you have one or more of them?

Check this list to find out:

1. Blaming Others

Although we were probably guilty of doing this as a kid, some of us might have carried this over to our adult lives. As we grow older, the situations we’ve gotten used to blaming our way out of might yield more serious consequences this time around. It’s not just about blaming your dog for eating your homework anymore, so be very careful if you notice that you have an impulsive tendency to blame others.

Instead, it’s best if you own up to your mistakes. It could help improve your mood, personality, and character if you simply accept your errors and take responsibility for what you did. The consequences will serve as a lesson to learn, and it’ll stick to you never to make the same mistake ever again!

2. Running From Your Problems

This isn’t necessarily a case specific to serious problems. Actually, it’s more prominent in small challenges that you don’t want to confront. One small example would be the dishes. Have you experienced not being in the mood to wash the singular plate and utensils in the sink? Perhaps it was too much of an effort to wash one small plate, so you’ll do it later on when there’s more.

Eventually, that sink piles up with dishes and you end up overwhelmed. In the same light, it’s better to confront your problems as a way to learn and grow. The more you run from them, the worse they could get. While you can, it’s best to face your problems as soon as they pop up so you can resolve them right from the get-go.

3. Postponing or Getting Distracted From Your Goals

Admittedly, it IS the digital age, and there are more than enough ways for us to get distracted from what’s important. Every time we open Facebook, there’s a chance that we could get sucked into all of the memes and TikTok videos that pile up hours worth of screen time. There are loads of really epic shows on Netflix, and games with killer graphics on our consoles.

Choosing these little pleasures could cost us the opportunity to live a prosperous life in the long run. If there are things you have to do for your health and career, then it’s better if you put it at the top of the list. Don’t trade off a life of success for a bit of dopamine!

4. Frequent Complaining

When we reach a certain level of stress, everything starts to get frustrating. All of that pent up stress and frustration in our chest builds up, and we’re left with no choice but to somehow get it all out of our system. One common thing that people do is complain. Is it productive? No. Does it make us feel any better? No!

Instead of complaining, it’s a better idea to channel all of your negative energy to work on something productive. Assess yourself and figure out how you can improve the things you feel like complaining about. If it’s out of your control, it’s better to make peace with it instead.

5. Trying to Control Everything

Speaking of control, it’s not realistic for anyone to believe that everything can be controlled. There will always be something that’s out of your grasp. When something bad happens, ask yourself first: Is it something under your control? If the answer is no, then it’s time to approach the problem from a different angle.

if you can’t take over something to get what you want, then think about how you can ADAPT to achieve what you want. How can you adjust instead to reach a certain goal? There’s more than just one way to go about solving a problem, and control isn’t always the answer.

6. Staying in The Comfort Zone

While the comfort zone is definitely one of the most relaxing places to be in, it’s not a spot you’d want to stay in if you’re trying to go for gold. You can’t win a race by comfortably sitting on your couch, to put it bluntly! Try to break out of your comfort zone from time to time.

“No pain, no gain.” If your muscles don’t go through excessive training, they won’t grow or become toned. Just like your muscles, any skill or career that have won’t improve without pushing hard and challenging yourself. As they say, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

7. Being Away From The Present

Many of us like to reminisce or plan too much. we end up getting sucked into the past or living into the future, leaving no space for the present. Sure, it’s a good thing to prepare for what lies ahead, and it’s nostalgic to go back in time and enjoy the moments you once experienced.

Or perhaps you did something that you can’t move on from, and it keeps you rooted in the past. It starts to become a bad thing when these opposing points in time start taking over your mind. You should snap back to reality and always remember that the REALEST moment is NOW. What can you do now that will make you happy? What can you do now to improve yourself?

8. Keeping Negative Thoughts

All sorts of bad experiences can leave lingering thoughts that do nothing but attack your mind. Because of this, you start to develop a negatively affected perception of yourself. You might be sabotaging yourself in this case, making yourself believe that you’re all sorts of bad things when you actually aren’t.

Everyone has the chance to change as long as they start exerting the effort to, and you can start by countering all of these negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. Try to analyze yourself and catch the things you tell yourself. If anything bad comes up, immediately clear your mind and tell yourself something positive. You can do it!

9. Letting Insecurities Take Over

We all have imperfections that we’re not proud of. That’s okay! As they say, no one is perfect. However, you have to gain enough control over these insecurities as to stop them from preventing opportunities that might be knocking on your door.

You can either let these insecurities shackle you from growing or doing what you want, or you can accept them and be willing to improve where you’re lacking. Find your strength in your flaws! Adjust yourself to make them work for you.

10. Trying to Be Something You Are Not

Now this isn’t to say that striving for who you want to become is a bad thing, it’s more like saying that trying to be someone or something that you aren’t could be a bad thing for you, especially if you tend to compare yourself to others.

Try to be more appreciative of yourself, and strive to improve nonetheless! So long as you aren’t basing your performance off the progress of others, there’s nothing wrong with trying to outdo yourself. Just remember to be grateful for how far you’ve come, and to be proud that you’ve made it this far!


Some of us are guilty of one or more of these bad habits, and that’s totally fine! Being able to realize where you need to change is one of the very first steps when trying to change. The first step is WANTING to change!

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Cheers to being the CEO of your life!

Yours Truly,

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