Today I was participating as a speaker in one of Lauren Tickner‘s rooms on Clubhouse, when a question about testimonials came up. Since I have some experience on the topic – I chimed in and shared my experience, and finally also promised this next post to anyone in the room. So here goes! Hope you gain value from this! If you do – please share this on your socials and be sure to:
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So… When you think about asking for testimonials from your clients – be it in your online programs or your high end services – it can be definitely hard to actually send the email and ask for it.

I’d love to share 2 ways in which we get testimonials for our online programs and our agency.

For high ticket online programs or high end services – or incase you don’t have a lot of testimonials to gather –

In the case you’re an agency owner or that you have a mastermind or a high ticket coaching business – you usually don’t have a lot of clients to ask for testimonials from – and the relationships are way more personal. So you can ask them directly. So here’s a method that works for me:

Send them a message saying: “Hey (name), I’m creating a list of testimonials for my service/program, and I was wondering if it would be ok if I ask you for your testimonial. If you agree – and out of respect to your time – I can put together a few words and send you for approval.

When they say “Sure! Let’s do it” – you can write the PERFECT testimonial for you, detailing everything you’d like in the perspective you’d like for this testimonial – and send it to them for their approval with the following message:
“Hey (name), thanks so much! Here’s the testimonial I put together. Feel free to edit it as you’d like or approve as it is.
[insert testimonial here]
Thanks so much! “

Simple – right? That way you get the best testimonial and you don’t rely on a busy person’s time in getting the testimonial to you.

For Online Programs with over 10 people in it

I’d go with a simple google form, that entices a few elements:

  • An ask for the testimonial
  • A waiver to use the testimonial wherever you’d like
  • A question that asks what’s their biggest challenge – that will help you understand what they NEED you to build for them next! This is inspired by “The Ask Method” by Ryan Levesque.
  • A question for their details for following up. People that leave their details here are your HYPER ENGAGED customers and you should treat them super well and indeed take the opportunity to get on a call with them!

I’d send this via email to all my students – and to incentivize them to write the testimonial I’d offer a free giveaway that can help them. Yes! Offer value in exchange for their time writing a testimonial. Don’t feel entitled to get testimonials from your students just because you created a great course. People are busy, and their time is precious so you respect it by giving something back.

I’d love to share our own google form template that we use to get testimonials. (disclaimer: I’m in no way responsible for any legal acts that may come from using the testimonials you gather from this form).


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