My name is Sagi Shrieber

I’m a designer and creative entrepreneur. And today I want to ask you one question:

Have you ever been inspired by some kind of podcast episode?
or YouTube video?
or some kind of blog post?
or newsletter?
Where you said – “Oh my God, this is amazing stuff. I have to follow this person now wherever they go!”

I definitely know that feeling.

But have you ever thought to yourself: “Wait, what if it was me? What if I had that blog? that that podcast? That YouTube channel?
What if it was me on the other end? Sparking curiosity and inspiration in others, sharing my story? building my own tribe?”

The thing is this… as creatives, we usually get hired by business owners as their “talents”.

There’s a quote that I once heard, and that changed my own perception of myself in the industry I was in.

It goes like this:

“If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs”.

When I first heard it I was kind of shocked. I was already blogging and podcasting at that time, and this totally clicked for me.

My dream wasn’t to build someone else’s business and user base. It was to build my own community and impact other people’s lives.

Soon after I left my day job to work on my blog full time, and I’ve been doing it ever since, making well over 6 figures this past year in revenue.

Why am I telling you this?

This Thursday. I’m hosting a live training where I’m going to help you plan out your vision and brand.

You’re going to walk away from it with:
 A vision for 2019 and a practical method & tool to make sure you stay on top of it
 Your brand idea, along with content creation ideas that will establish you as an authority in your market!

The training will guide you through an exercise I only do with my private coaching clients and never before done on a webinar.

We are going to nail down your vision and strategy in order for you to start creating your content and building your audience.

This training will be perfect for you if you’re a busy person. If you have a full time job or a service based business and a lot of work and family commitments.
I managed to build 2 successful communities making 5 figures as a side hustle next to my full time job as a design director in a huge tech company and a wife with 2 kids.

Time for YOU to do YOU.

It’s the 31st of January, it’s. 11am Pacific | 2 p.m. Eastern | 7 pm UK and 9pm Tel Aviv.

Let’s help you share your story, inspire others, and be that person that leads other to be a better version of themselves. You have a lot to give and your community needs you!

If you can make it, don’t worry, sign up to get the replay.

btw in the Live training I’ll also be giving away a bundle of amazing books for Creative entrepreneurs, so see you there!

Yours Truly,

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