SEO and Discoverability – (w/ Brendan Hufford)

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Episode #56

Hey everybody what’s up?

Today on the show I have Brendan Hufford. Brendan is an online business owner and an SEO specialist, meaning he’s working a full time job while running his online business. He’s also a husband and father, and has other small things on the side such as running Pat Flynn’s Facebook Community.

So first – you can understand why this is going to be a very interesting conversation and also see why I brought him on the show – because he’s a lot like me – running multiple operations and a family which I definitely appreciate.

We talk about online discoverability, breaking through the noise as an up and coming entrepreneur, we talk about networking, and of course practical SEO tips for us content creators.

Enjoy everybody! Let’s get this party started!

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A strategy to know what to write about:

  1. Look for websites that got a lot of audience
  2. Check out their top pages
  3. What do you think people want when they get here? What are they searching on Google to get there?

A strategy to find keywords:

  1. Search a certain topic that you’re interested in writing about in different ways on Google
  2. Find the articles that keep popping up over and over again when you’re searching for that topic
  3. Explore those websites and find out where they get traffic from