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Sagi Shrieber


I am a designer, entrepreneur, and founder of the design magazines & Podcasts Pixel Perfect (in Israel) and Hacking UI (International). I’m also the founder of Mindful & Ruthless, a new show for entrepreneurs.

A Shenkar graduate with 10 years in the industry, 6 of which is deep within the design of digital products for stereotypes of different sizes and roles. I was co-founder of three companies, one of which was bought by SimilarWeb, where I ran all the design operations of the company as director of design and user experience.

Some of the companies I’ve worked with / including: Fiverr, eBay, SimilarWeb and more.

I am the founder of the advanced digital product design course at 6B, accompanied by designers in private, and also a start-up mentor on Google Launchpad.


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