What does Mindful & Ruthless even mean? (w/ Sagi Shrieber – Designer & Entrepreneur)

Episode #1 - Sagi Shrieber

Hey everybody!

After already having recorded 14 episodes interviewing some of the most successful creative entrepreneurs I know – I thought this was time to make the much needed intro episode to the show 🙂

In this episode I share my story, my journey, and what brought me to launching this community in the first place.

I talk about my previous podcasts and communities, about my failures and successes, and about the meaning of the name Mindful & Ruthless.

Enjoy this episode. Enjoy the show. Be Mindful & Ruthless!

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Key Points from the Podcast

  • Sagi Shrieber introduced himself.

  • Sagi shares his story, his previous works and experiences, his struggles and how he cope up with those.

  • Where does “Mindful & Ruthless” comes from?

  • Sagi shares his insights and thoughts and the 3 pillars of success.

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